Should I learn Flutter?

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The mobile scene is moving fast with the new player coming in like Flutter.

Flutter was announced by Google in 2015 but its been since 2018 when it has become a serious thing with the first beta release.

The success of the technology will be clear when both Companies  and developers start using it and create a market. There is a clear correlation between the two, more companies with Flutter products, more developers will decide to go for it. But also more Flutter developers and evangelists, more companies will adopt it.

In this article, I will go through some neutral aspect of how the market is moving. Basically,  Are people really talking about?

Are the companies adopting Flutter? As a developer will I find opportunities?


People talking


Let’s find out how popular the term Flutter is in Google Trends. This magic tool tells us how people are interested in some topics.

The first search with terms Flutter and React Native show that term Flutter has overpassed react native in 2019! Definitely Flutter more popular!


Let’s try again. I will select category Software so we tight the search relative to software.

Shrinking the search to only Software decreases the volume of Flutter terms. Both charts and both terms will have deviation since they will include other meanings.

In any case, the tendency is clear, it is a growing in Flutter ( new high points every time) and stabilizing in React Native ( no new high point since July 2019).

I skip terms as Ionic or progressive web apps. I will focus mainly on comparing cross-platform technologies and not hybrid or pwa.

The tendency at the moment is what probably some of us that are in the market expected. Xamarin is decreasing since mid-2016.

React-Native is stabilizing the growth but having more and more variance.

This time Flutter is growing without having much variance. It overpasses Xamarin in 2019 and getting close to React Native but still under the 75 line.

So, it is  easy to think that for good or for bad, Flutter is becoming popular and people are curious about it.


How people are using it in Stackoverflow?


Ok! but are people really developing in it? Stackoverflow has the answer.

Compared to its main alternatives React-Native and Xamarin) people posting questions or talking about Flutter has overpassed React-Native during 2019 as we can see in the chart below.

Could be a good thing or bad, do the developers need to post a lot of questions to learn? Are they facing several problems during development?

Xamarin is decreasing the volume of questions since mid-2016.


Also, Stackoverflow comunity declared Flutter as one of the most loved and wanted frameworks 💙.



Popularity of Dart


In terms of programming language tendency.

Dart and Kotlin are growing languages since 2018. Here we need to take into account that Kotlin is also adopted by server-side developers since it runs in the JVM.

Javascript keeps its usage, the flat line near 10% of the market.

Surprisingly Swift had an awesome increase since its announcement 2014  but in 2016 started to decrease.

I am not surprised since companies are starting to realize that migrating to technologies like React-Native or Flutter are a very good option.

If we could see the chart for Kotlin applied to only Android, probably we would see the same behavior as Swift. But I had no chance to extrat such a chart.



Published Apps


What about companies or developers that published Apps with them? Let’s have a look at the Store.

Xamarin and React Native have been there for a long time already. Flutter it’s been only a couple of years that started to be used in popular Apps.

What market share these technologies have?






I was curious about hybrid technologies are they widely used compared to others?

PhoneGap/Cordova is actually the winner! 7.91% of apps using this technology on Apps listed in Appbrain.

Followed by React-Native and Xamarin. Flutter still does not have a big piece of cake.


I need a job!


Ok! That is interesting information. Trends, interests, popularity. But you might think, hey! If I need to invest time and money in learning a new thing, Am I going to find a job? Are the companies hiring this kind of profile?

Let’s have a look at StackOverflow jobs.

Searching with tag Flutter only 18 jobs are posted.

React Native? 71 jobs posted

A quick check on jobs in Indeed.com


React native search results in 3201 Jobs

Flutter search results in 300 Jobs. Only 10%

React-Native is a clear winner in terms of job offers.


The facts are there, more and more, developers are using Flutter. Community is growing fast but still, it is not mature as React Native.

In terms of jobs, Flutter has not created a mature market yet. Companies still not convinced or it looks like it is starting. Fear of using a still not mature framework? Are they afraid Google might shut it down (as Google has done with several of its products)?

We will see how people and companies adopt Flutter in 2020.

My opinion is that 2020 is going to be the year where we are going to see Flutter bright. As the community grows companies will start relying on it. Ultimately, in terms of tech, it is much more flexible than React Native and I believe Google has still a lot of good plans for Flutter. Not to mention that is going to be the base for the new OS Fuchsia.

In the next article, I will talk about tech reasons why I choose Flutter.

Learn Flutter? YES.  Should you learn more things like Android and iOS? SURE!


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